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Bone Closing Ceremony

The Sealing the Birth Ceremony has been used all over the world to aid in the new/seasoned mother’s healing. It has been called many names, the bone closing ceremony, womb closing, tuck-in seal ceremony and many more. Closing the birth process is critical for so many reasons, energetically to finish the process of closing cycles, physically to heal the body, by returning heat and spiritually awakening. To help with your postpartum recovery.


How does the process works?

Sealing the Birth Ceremony is done after a nice warming sesame oil rub down and when the mama is fully relaxed. These parts of the body are wrapped.

  • The head & eyes: may your mind shift from maiden to mother and may your vision be filled with clarity

  • The shoulders: may your arms be capable to carry your baby and know the strength of motherhood

  • The womb: may your womb heal for its service over the past 10 months and may you gain wisdom from your womanly source throughout the years

  • The hips: may your hips be shaped to carry your baby upon them and may you know the power of your motherly body

  • The legs: may your legs be strong throughout every day as you play with your growing babe and trust when they are tired to nurture them

  • The feet: may your feet always walk your path of truth and as a mother and a woman trust that they will take you to where you need to be

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